The Human Claim by Ali Smith

This week in 52 Stories: #1The Human Claim by Ali Smith.

Some years ago I worked for a large US company in Silicon Valley. Eventually, I moved away from the sun and from America, but I kept the job for a year while I put myself through some more school. Every six weeks or so, I stuffed some clothes and a laptop into a backpack and flew out to San Francisco to work at the office for a couple of weeks. […]

The round up is back

If you’re reading this in the distant future and all is peaceful – check the dateline. It has been a tumultuous week here in early 2017 and my list of ‘writing/culture’ tweets from publishers, critics and writers has been unusually full of politics. Unsurprising really – since most of my favourite people are opinionated and […]

Introducing Pressmonkey – WordPress Tweet Scheduler Plugin

Pressmonkey is a WordPress plugin that lets you author, schedule and send tweets right from your post edit screen. You can also manage tweets all in one place either in list form or using a fully-featured calendar. Working from our own requirements and from the results of interviews with content marketing professionals, we designed Pressmonkey […]

Lunchtimes at the library

The recent #rememberingmylibrary hashtag has stuck with me, much in the same way that library memories themselves do. Libraries have a church-like aspect – with their own rituals of giving and reciprocation, their own incense. They demand tokenistic sacrifices. They offer sanctuary. As a lonely schoolboy, I retreated to the library. I found my corner and read – often science fiction – though one of my haunts happened to be the psychology section. […]

14 Questions the BBC have used to assess new scripts

Poking through some old files this week, I came across some notes I put together from the 2010 Everyword festival at the Liverpool Everyman. Aimed at scriptwriters, this is great advice for everyone who works with story. The BBC Writers’ Room workshop was given by Paul Hardy. The BBC encourage unsolicited scripts. In fact, twenty-five […]