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I left my job to consult and write and build products and the result was predictably chaotic (it still is, to some extent). I should, of course, pare my projects down into a coherent two or three and give them the focus they need. But I have had little success with that. Some enterprises I can’t afford to jettison and others I can’t bear to give up on.

So when I first found myself contemplating the jungle of tech consultancy gigs, product development, academic study, novel and short story writing, tech book writing, I decided to pour it all into this site. This site, I declared, would be a table with… well the number of legs varied. A table with more than two legs. And I told people about the table. I drew pictures of tables with labels and arrows.

A table has a reasonably singular purpose. But as I launched products here, and talked about marketing, and short stories, and tech books, it became increasingly clear I had no idea what this site was for. It might have had multiple legs but it wasn’t much of a platform. That made it hard to take pride in, and also hard to write for. A product site needs clarity of vision and prose. It needs a clear brand. It probably doesn’t need musings about the nature of the short story, or the problematic implications for narratology of digital technologies. And it’s hard to wibble about Aristotle and TV when you know you’re muddying things up for your product.

And so over the last month or so I have been working on a new way of organising my work. Pressmonkey now has its own site over at together with any thoughts about marketing and new related tools like the lovely Mention Engine. Tech-ish writing-ish stuff is finding a home together with consultancy at (I’m going to be giving away copies of my tech book there soon — just saying).

And this site? Well, this site is going back to its roots. This site is about culture and fiction and publishing. I’ll keep CusterCatcher here and might even launch a few more toys. But it’s going to be less magazine-y and more blog-y. Really, I still don’t know what this site is for – but it’s not a table anymore.

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