Write This Now! – The Five Act Structure Questions

This exercise is adapted from John Yorke’s excellent book Into the Woods in which he discusses the five act structure and how it can be used manage a story’s tension and the development of its protagonist. It’s a great way of warding off the ‘saggy middle’ to which the more traditional three act structure can be prey. […]

Round up the second

Everything is going to be alright. Here. Have a kitten. Some useful beta feedback for Pressmonkey threw us into a little frenzy as we worked to make the tool even better. Inevitable boasting about that to come, naturally. That meant that my time for monitoring the blogging and writing worlds was even more squeezed than […]

The round up is back

If you’re reading this in the distant future and all is peaceful – check the dateline. It has been a tumultuous week here in early 2017 and my list of ‘writing/culture’ tweets from publishers, critics and writers has been unusually full of politics. Unsurprising really – since most of my favourite people are opinionated and […]

Starting a writers’ group

I’m the founder of a writers’ group in Salt Lake City that has 534 members called Just Write: Salt Lake City. Using Meet Up it was pretty easy to create the group and drum up interest for our one hour focused writing sessions. I wanted, though, to cover some of the trickier aspects of creating […]

Words we should ration #1: Skitter

Sometimes a word is just too good not to use. It sounds out with a lovely onomatopoeic resonance and conjures the perfect image in the reader’s imagination. You can’t resist it. And so you don’t. And nor does anyone else. And, before you know it, it’s everywhere – tap-scuttling along skirting boards, clicking with many […]

Welcome to the Under Blog

Happy Friday from Inflatable Press. Although we are in a seemingly endless set up mode I have decided to start adding content as a kind of rolling dress rehearsal. Who knows? Some of it might end up going live. And a lot of it no doubt won’t. So where are we at? Well we’ve had […]