Lunchtimes at the library

The recent #rememberingmylibrary hashtag has stuck with me, much in the same way that library memories themselves do. Libraries have a church-like aspect – with their own rituals of giving and reciprocation, their own incense. They demand tokenistic sacrifices. They offer sanctuary. As a lonely schoolboy, I retreated to the library. I found my corner and read – often science fiction – though one of my haunts happened to be the psychology section. […]

Joanne Harris incites Twitter face-off

Joanne Harris, who tweets the state of her writing shed daily and entertainingly rebuffs trolls nearly as often, attempted a new meme this week. #PostYourAuthorFace did not set Twitter on fire — which is a shame because I could have done with spending a day of procrastination looking at Atwood and Amis selfies. Still there […]