This week in writing prompts – your old house

If, like me, you’re wrapping up a major project, you may be casting around for some new ideas. Even when I’m deeply embedded in something, though, I often use prompts to explore new ideas – either for my current work or just as a way of getting the creative juices flowing. Prompt of the day […]

Last edits on your novel? Record an audio-draft

An audio-draft is essentially a scratch audiobook. An audio-draft does not require professional recording kit or access to acting talent. You can (and absolutely should) narrate it yourself, and it can be more or less entirely recorded and edited with the memo app that ships with the average smartphone. So why should you do it? […]

Introducing Pressmonkey – WordPress Tweet Scheduler Plugin

Pressmonkey is a WordPress plugin that lets you author, schedule and send tweets right from your post edit screen. You can also manage tweets all in one place either in list form or using a fully-featured calendar. Working from our own requirements and from the results of interviews with content marketing professionals, we designed Pressmonkey […]

How to revive blog content and keep it fresh

Seven techniques you can use to revive great content in your archive. And an early announcement about Pressmonkey – our new Wordpress plugin for integrating blog posts with Twitter […]