If, like me, you’re wrapping up a major project, you may be casting around for some new ideas. Even when I’m deeply embedded in something, though, I often use prompts to explore new ideas – either for my current work or just as a way of getting the creative juices flowing.

Prompt of the day is a new Write This Now feature – every weekday I’ll be tweeting out a writing prompt which can be read in full and run at WTN.

Enemy within. What happens when a character is torn by their love for someone and a loathing of their actions.

Random fragments and juxtapositions are a great way of sparking ideas. (See also the Write This Now image prompt).

There is something ghostly to me about memories of my early houses. Sometimes it seems to me that all those old rooms are still playing out scenes.

I love secrets. They build tension and tend to explode satisfyingly.

“Sunflower seedling” by _Rev Stan is licensed under
CC BY 2.0