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Source: Nathan BransfordPublished on 2019-05-28
Too many writers treat their chapters like tanks of gas. They take off without really knowing where they’re going, drive around aimlessly until they run out of fuel, sputter to a stop, and then they start the next chapter after someone takes pity on them and tows them somewhere new.

This is the wrong way to go about it.

A well-constructed chapter is almost a min...
Source: NYT BooksPublished on 2019-05-28
A Pulitzer winner at The Wall Street Journal, he wrote the best sellers “Blue Latitudes” and “Confederates in the Attic” and seven other books.
Source: New Yorker / CulturePublished on 2019-05-28
David Sipress’s Daily Cartoon blames the Democrats for aliens.
Source: NYT BooksPublished on 2019-05-28
The British author turns his attention to the subterranean world with “Underland.”
Source: New Yorker / CulturePublished on 2019-05-28
Ginny Hogan describes humorous new modern families to replace ABC’s hit series “Modern Family,” which is set to end next year.
Source: Paul McVeighPublished on 2019-05-28
Well, this is a corker.The Politics Of FictionDate Saturday 15 June 2019Time 8:00 PM – 10:00 PMPrice£12 | £10Venue: The Crescent Arts CentreA Panel Discussion With Roddy Doyle, John Boyne & Kit De Waal Chaired By Paul McVeighDo fiction writers have a responsibility to engage with politics? The line between fiction and nonfiction is constantly blurred, especially in the p...
Source: New Yorker / CulturePublished on 2019-05-28
Michael Schulman chats with Ann Reinking, who is played by Margaret Qualley on the TV show “Fosse/Verdon,” about her memories of the choreographer Bob Fosse.
Source: Entropy MagazinePublished on 2019-05-28
Image Credit: Ally Sobola


My son wears the word “visible,” tattooed in Times Roman, on his left arm. The tattoo was a present from me for his 18th birthday. A handwritten sign reading, “Visible for those who can’t be,” hangs on his dorm room door. He is transgender, and to him, visibility is an antidote to stigma; it’s refusi...
Source: Entropy MagazinePublished on 2019-05-28
First, we end up with paradoxes if we believe that we encounter difference and newness only or primarily intellectually, especially if we believe that the intellect is distinct from perception, sensations, passion, or embodiment in general….Second we end up with paradoxes if we believe that we are self-same and our identities are unified, especially if we conceive of identity in opposition ...
Source: The Digital ReaderPublished on 2019-05-28
Apple sent out a press release on Tuesday, announcing the launch of a new iPod Touch model. The good news is the retail price is still $199, and both the CPU and storage specs were both bumped (), but the bad news is the iPod Touch still has the same 4", 1136 x 640 resolution screen as before.

The new iPod Touch ships with 32GB storage and an 8MP camera, and it is powered ...
Source: Guardian BooksPublished on 2019-05-28
Spokesman for special counsel denies existence of documentRevelation is in Fire and Fury sequel, Siege: Trump Under FireSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution todayA new book from Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff says special counsel Robert Mueller drew up a three-count obstruction of justice indictment against Donald Trump before deciding to shelve it – a...
Source: NYT BooksPublished on 2019-05-28
Oliver Bullough’s “Moneyland” charts the many ways the wealthy have of hiding their money.
Source: Paul McVeighPublished on 2019-05-28
Ian Fleming Explains How to Write a Thriller "You have to get the reader to turn over the page."Tweets by @paul_mc_veigh
Source: The RumpusPublished on 2019-05-28
Check out the story of how the Bronx’s only independent bookstore, The Lit Bar, came to be.

Japan’s Kinokuniya Books is set to open its first Portland, Oregon location this summer.

Barnes & Noble is experimenting with a new bookstore format that is half the size of previous shops.

Gentrification is threatening to displace a black-owned books...
Source: Guardian BooksPublished on 2019-05-28
Novelist presented the Future Library manuscript wrapped in a ceremonial cloth as used in South Korean rites marking birth and death

Instead of launching her latest work in a bookshop surrounded by readers, the award-winning South Korean novelist Han Kang dragged a white cloth through a Norwegian forest before wrapping it around her manuscript, which she handed over to be locked away fo...
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